Natural Anxiety Remedies To Try In This Age Of Confusion

Anxiety can still attack an individual no matter how tough a person thinks he is. Financial or physical hurdles can happen overnight and sometimes the situation is tough and we might tumble and might not be able to get back up easily. Like now, in this pandemic, we’re lucky if we’re not experiencing financial trouble and if we are healthy. However, if you’re anxious, below are some ideas on the best treatment for anxiety.

Aromatherapy – It’s about using essential oils because it will enhance your well-being. There are a lot of scents to choose from and they improve the mood, lessen anxiety, and will calm you down.There are various methods of using essential oils. Use it as a diffuser where you’ll put several drops of oil on your lava bead bracelet or carrier oil so you can always smell the scent that will enliven your mood. Some of the scents that provide instant anxiety relief are Bergamont, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Ylang-ylang, and Lavender.

There might be local shops that sell them. You can also buy them online. Also, making money is a good anxiety treatment without medication so consider selling oils, or having people resell them for you.

Herbal remedies – They’re a good alternative if you want to avoid prescription drugs because some of them like benzodiazepines and beta-blockers can cause undesired side effects. It’s time to try herbal treatment if you want to go natural and be mentally and physically comfortable.

Here are some herbs that are good anxiety treatments without medication. Try Ashwagandha, Valerian, Chamomile, Galphimia Glauca, Lavender, Kava Kava, Passion Flower, and Cannabidiol. These are definitely greater than anxiety remedies over the counter.

Some of these herbal remedies can be purchased in pill or capsule form though you can consume them as herbal teas and they have the same effect. Also, give a little time to the garden for it is also a natural anxiety medication for adults. Plant some herbs in pots. You’ll earn money aside from the assurance that you’ll always have some herbal medicine around.

Meditation – It’s about breathing and being mindful of your existence. Our mind is full of clutter due to a number of uncertainties in life, which could be business, family, relationships, and our struggles within. Sometimes you might feel that life is cheating or hard, and stopping your life might be the answer but deep inside you know it’s foolish.

A lot more people are getting into meditation in this age of confusion because it’s genuinely one of the best treatments for anxiety. Some of the types of meditation worth practicing are hatha yoga is bhakti-yoga.

Hatha yoga is about postures or asanas, where you’ll focus on your breathing while doing the postures. You’ll tone your muscles in the process and will feel good about yourself. Bhakti yoga is more on the spiritual side. It’s more about a scientific philosophy where you can learn about the nature of the mind, body, and spiritual world.

There are gurus who offer paid meditation but there are also bona fide teachers who teach meditation for free. Ask your heart why you need meditation and pray to find someone who can guide you on how to become a healthier and better person.

Don’t smoke and drink – It might seem that you’re getting calm when you’re puffing a cigarette or vaping, or when you’re in a drinking session whether alone or with your friends but in reality, your anxiety is getting worse. It’s not fun if there are unanswered questions in your life or if your health is getting frailer. The worst-case scenario is might you experience alcohol dependence.

It’s better if you can quit alcohol and cigarettes after deciding that you want to live cleaner. However, it’s also ok to do it gradually. Try to lessen the number of cigarette sticks or bottles of liquor you’re consuming. Use the money you’ll save on a financial investment because it’s one of the natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

Weighted blankets – There are scientific studies done about this, and it’s not just about fashion. Putting on weighted blankets will lessen your anxiety symptoms. It will lower the heart rate so you’ll feel calmer. It will activate the parasympathetic nervous system so your heart rate will be lower. Aside from anxiety, weighted blankets are also helpful for sleep disorders, and for people who have autism and ADHD symptoms.

It acts as a pressure therapy. It’s like the feeling of a hug or a stroke. There are different weights and sizes to choose from. Check locally or online to buy one. You can also share a weighted blanket with someone you care for.

Natural supplements for anxiety and depression – It’s always great to go for a natural remedy whenever you’re feeling down because sometimes depression is just a phase of mental or emotional turbulence.

In case you want to try natural supplements to cure your anxiety, research and shop for Omega-3 fatty acids, Saffron, N-acetylcysteine, Rhodiola, Vitamin D, Zinc, and B vitamins. You should also monitor your food intake by maintaining a food diary.

Exercise – It’s a necessity to be fit especially since we are always inside our home due to the pandemic. You might be sitting long hours doing computer work or watching television and that can cause stress to your body.

Doing exercise regularly is not just good for your physical health because it’s essential to your mental and emotional well-being as well. If it’s dragging to exercise at home, find a gym or an online fitness coach who can teach you when you’re available.

Some free exercises outdoors that are fun to do are swimming, biking, running, and hiking. It’s great to be outdoors because sunlight and nature are good anxiety treatments without medication.

It’s natural to be anxious because there are a lot of troubles in the world. What’s not natural is if you’ll not do anything about it. Remember that before going to a physician for a consultation, it’s still better to try natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

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